Furnace free home earns award for energy efficiency

Wil Andruschak/Calgary Herald

In early November last year, Brookfield Residential opened the doors to the first passive house built by a major Alberta builder.

While it appears to be a typical home, at 2,500 sq. ft., with three bedrooms and two baths, it is anything but typical because it has no furnace and uses 90 percent less energy than the typical home. It is heated by the sun, cooled by strategic shading and powered by a solar array.

“This is a tremendous project and one very unique to Alberta; the interest in it has already surpassed anything we expected,” said Doug Owens, Brookfield’s senior director of strategic development and regulatory affairs, at the opening of the home last year. “Our team members and our trade partners are incredibly proud to have helped start a conversation about leading innovation in our industry.”

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